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M/s KD Investment & Technology , is working in field of 3d animation, CAD, Graphics software services and implementation in state maharashtra, India . Provide support to end user's and computer hardware , software reseller's in different cities and states of India since 15+ years .  Kdit provide solutions in affordable application softwares like  affinity photo , affinity designer, shreelipi , coreldraw , 3ds Max , Blender, progecad , zwcad , AutoCAD Lt , AutoCAD , Zw3d Lite,  microsoft office 365 , pobuca contact management app .
KDIT implements opensource software's like - Blender, Gimp , Kdenlive , Natron in education and professional studio services. Kdit provide services of mass email marketing , social media promotion, print media content development to hospitality industry and product manufacturer companies . We do services for TV ads, mobile advertisement, web content writing.   
We are committed to provide affordable software tools to the user . Combination of commercial software and opensource software provides great benifit in terms of knowledge and monetary system to users .  We believe in user's work of freedom !
We also support FDM 3D printers from Makerbot , Raise3D and 3dsystems Stereolithography (SLA) , Metal printers for high resolution 3D printing output .
Photo , Image Editing Software
Affinity Photo -  Photo , Image editing software available for Windows and macOS. Best PSD support , Develop camera RAW files in a dedicated built-in workspace . Work in any color space -  RGB, CMYK, LAB, Grayscale. End-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC color management etc.
#License : Standalone - Life time license  
Logo Design Software
Affinity Designer - precise vector design software available for marketing materials , branding, concept art, print projects, icons, UI, UX, or web mock ups . You can work on macOS and Windows.  It is working with devbagari fonts of shree lipi , Ism
#License : Standalone - Life time license
Low Cost CAD Software
progeCAD 2018 -  based on IntelliCAD engine and provides high performance, stability and a series of new features such as : Dynamic Input, Includes a free PDF to DWG converter , converts DWG drawing to 3D PDF , The Real DWG Alternative , DWG 3D Modeling and Render . progeCAD 2018 Professional a DWG CAD at a fair price with DWG 2016 support . Compatible with  Windows 7 , 8.1 , 10 and Mac  . more info ...
#License  : Standalone with one year support @ Rs. 12,500 + Gst 18 % .
Autodesk CAD Software
Autodesk provides userfriendly cad solution for 2d drafting and printing purpose ,a cost effective solution called as AutoCAD LT . It do not support Lisp, 3d modeling features .

AutoCAD full pack is a precise 2D - 3D CAD drawing and modeling tool, support the features for customization with reliability of TrustedDWG technology.   more info ...

# License : Per year subscription only *
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