Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
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M/s KD Investment & Technology is a proprietary firm.  Provide support in the field of 3d animation, cad , graphics software's and implementation.  Provide support to end user's and computer hardware, software reseller's in different cities and states of India since 15+ years .
Best known for providing affordable solution's and educating clients for freedom of work . Having client base from Industry , Architect – construction companies , Design – Printing service providers – Photo Lab , Engineering colleges – Private training centers etc.

Apart from software sales and service , doing the consulting for product / business promotion on social media ,  digital marketing platforms . We provide our customers with a professional team of brand communication experts. If you are looking to promote your brand, develop new business or find a marketing partner that just makes things happen for you. Kdit have the team to help.

We have knowledge across a number of market sectors including Engineering, distribution, retail  and construction. Our team have knowledge and experience from both agency and client-side marketing – it will gives you a better understanding of marketing needs. In addition with Social Media Advertising you can precisely target people using exact criteria - Clever, targeted advertising will get results!
Video campaigns that combine YouTube and TV placements can drive better brand results. We also found that advertisers on prime time broadcast TV in the India could have reached 60% more 18- to 50 year-olds by also advertising on YouTube. In other words, YouTube and TV can work powerfully together. Plan them alongside one another for optimal impact.
We take the time to fully understand your business and your goals, then tailor a marketing strategy for your company . Our expertise is in helping contractors, architects, manufacturers and suppliers share their message through branding development, digital marketing and content creation so they can advance to the next level.
Give us a call : + 91 98220 76146
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KD Investment and Technology
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Give us a call : +91  98220 76146
Email us  :  admin @ kdit.in , kdit.mah @ gmail.com
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