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Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
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“Serif” and “Affinity” are both registered trademarks of Serif Europe Ltd.  Serif had been developing Windows software for 20 years. Older software solutions are   PagePlus , PhotoPlus , DrawPlus . These are legacy products now.  
when head of development – Tony Brightman – gave a presentation of a new idea…  The idea was to develop a whole new range of professional graphics software. These apps would be special in their conception – built from the ground up with the workflow of creative professionals in mind. “Serif” has focus entirely on new Affinity range of professional graphic design software's .  i.e   Affinity  Designer, Affinity Photo   works for Mac and Windows !
Affinity Designer is the precise vector graphic design software , It is also a most affordable Graphic Design Software Available in the world with Mac and Windows Support . well known for easy to Use , Built from the ground up for creative professionals with stylish and uncluttered interface .
Great advantage as Adobe® Illustrator®  , Coreldraw® files containing can be import by it's  PDF stream. You can directly import Pdf file and work with Text and images associated with it.  affinity  supports Shree Lipi 7.3 and above with 64 bit setup  and  ISM  -  DVB WTT - 6.1 FONTS directly .
With support for all major formats, ICC profiles and the latest wide gamut displays you know your designs will pop. And with silky smooth gradients which always update live on your page, the control you have is limitless. The fundamentals of crafting curves are covered expertly with the precision-engineered pen tool. At any time convert your text to curves to take full control and produce your own exquisite, custom typography to add serious impact. It supports most of the features of high commercial products ,
License : # Standalone  -  Rs. 4,000/- *+ Gst 18 %.
Affinity Photo  is The Best Professional Image Editing Software You'll Ever Own !
Correct and enhance images with Levels, Curves, Black and White, White Balance, HSL, Shadows and Highlights, plus over a dozen other non-destructive adjustments which preview instantly and can be edited at any time. Affinity Photo also provides advanced lens corrections and best-in-class noise reduction so you have full control to really bring out the best in any image.
Develop camera RAW files in a dedicated workspace with all the precise adjustments and corrections you need in an unbounded linear colour space. Lens profiles ,  PSD import/export , Batch processing is supported. Open very large PSB files , Maintain layers, groups, gradients, blend modes, paths, masks and may more .. It has a support of Shree lipi 7.3 with 64 bit  and ISM fonts also. License : # Standalone -Rs. 4,000/-+ Gst 18 % .
Affinity designer and affinity photo are 64 bit applications for windows , You need 64 bit installation for shree lipi i.e. 7.3 and above . Need hardware INTEL i5 with 8 gb Ram , 2gb Graphics Card  GT / GTX
Import any pdf file with acrobat 9.0 support to access shree lipi fonts editing in Affinity software - Example
Coreldraw cdr file contain shree lipi fonts , need to export with compatiblity with acrobat 9.0 , Use Place option in affinity  - you will get full access of same in affinity designer and affinity Photo .
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