Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
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M/s KD Investment & Technology,  provides solutions in Animation, CAD, Graphics  software implementation. Having client base from all segments of Industry. Provide software's and services in following area's  -
• Progecad
• Autocad lt , Autocad , Revit LT ,  3ds Max
Zwcad , Zw3d Lite , Zw3d Standard
• Ansys
• Affinity photo , Affinity designer , Shree lipi ,
Microsoft office 365 business .
3d animation projets , training on Blender software .
• Media & content management services for TV, MOBILE
 and WEB platforms.
Branding development, digital marketing services .  

IT-Management - We assist you with planning, implementing, and support for custom-tailored IT infrastructure for 3d Animation, Simulation and CAE data centers.

Zw3d Lite
KD Investment and Technology
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Give us a call : +91  98220 76146
Email us  :  admin @ kdit.in , kdit.mah @ gmail.com
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