Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
Investment and Technology
Call : +91 98220 76146
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Modular InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company, established in 1983 by a group of engineers having a strong R & D background. Modular Infotech is located in Pune, Maharashtra , India .

Modular’s main business can be classified into -

# Indian language products and projects
# Indian language font development
# Scanning and Digitization services

Shree-Lipi for Macintosh is Macintosh based Font Package and keyboard  handler for Indian Languages. It has a built in Keyboard Manager for  various XWindows based Packages on Macintosh.

Shree-Lipi consists of Indian language fonts, keyboard handlers (for various languages and keyboard layouts) and a host of other utilities, which are commonly required for desktop publishing. Presently Shree-Lipi, which is being launched in its version 7.4 and with a user base of over 250,000 authorized  users,  has  become  a  de  facto  standard  for  DTP professionals  and  printing  and  publishing industry.

Language specific Shree-Lipi software packages have also been launched for Hindi / Marathi (DevRatna), Gujarati  (Gurjari),  Kannada  (KannadaRatna),  Telugu  (Telugu  Ratna)  etc languages.
Shree-Lipi Dev Ratna package contains 1022 Modular, 296 ITR Devnagari Fonts, and additional 4400 Dev Bahar fonts.
How to use Shree-Lipi  with affinity designer and Photo  ?
Use Settings - font layout will work properly by selecting - application type 2 - Flash 4  -  

You have to " disable "  autodetection of application from Shree- Lipi settings .
Then  select Application Type 2  -  Flash 4.  Choose  Exit from  Shree-Lipi icon  and again restart it.

Affinity designer and affinity photo are 64 bit applications for windows , You need 64 bit installation for shree lipi i.e. 7.2 and above . Import any pdf file with acrobat 9.0 support to access shree lipi fonts in Affinity software !

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Give us a call : +91  98220 76146
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