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CMS IntelliCAD® Premium Plus Edition (PE+ ) is designed to give you unrivaled compatibility with Autodesk® AutoCAD® software, and is fully programmable with hundreds of third party solutions. CMS IntelliCAD also offers a full suite of 2D and 3D compatible drawing tools. CMS IntelliCAD is the true and best Autodesk® AutoCAD® alternative in the market.
CMS IntelliCAD® incorporates standard features found in other CAD programs, along with features and capabilities you won’t find anywhere else. Its multiple-document interface (MDI) lets you open and work with several drawings at the same time. You can easily copy drawing entities between drawings. In addition, the powerful IntelliCAD Explorer lets you manage information and settings and quickly copy layers, linetypes, and other information between drawings.
CMS, Inc. also delivers CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software using the most advanced application streaming technology into the CAD industry. We are a pioneer CAD company making this technology available. With application streaming technology users can quickly load and seamlessly run CMS IntelliCAD® PE - Premium Edition - locally at an user system without performance degradation.
Sign in, download it once, and run. Anywhere*. That's it.

We believe that common cloud technology, i.e., typically running a software inside a browser window, has some important barriers still difficult to overcome, specially with CAD applications. Manly they are internet connection speed and performance, file security and availability. With the technology we are providing, you are in fact deploying, streaming our CAD software in to your machine. That's done only once, then you can run it at any time.
Additionally to perpetual standalone seats, we also provide time limited and maintained subscriptions. (*) Supported on Windows 64-bit systems.
CMS IntelliCAD® 10 CAD Software is a major release providing new features and improvements.

What's new:
a) OpenGL ES graphics device is now supported for enhanced display quality and performance, which also includes new visual styles;
b) new materials library contains materials that can be assigned to entities and layers and then displayed with visual styles;
c) Spot and point lights now display in-program with visual styles;
d) Redesigned View Manager has more options available;
e) New dynamic input incorporates command prompts and measurement guides at the cursor;
f) New properties are available for various entity types in the Properties pane;
g) New ability to view properties of custom entities;
h) CMS IntelliCAD 10 also includes the ability to migrate user interface customizations from previous versions;
i) CMS IntelliCAD 10 incorporates ODA SDKs version 2020 Update 2 and enhanced .NET and IRX functionality for increased API capabilities;
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