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CMS Intellicad Products
CMS IntelliCAD® PE edition provides support for complete 2D tool sets and AutoCAD 3D surface commands , it do not have ACIS solids modeling and editing capabilities . Provides entire 2D support .
CMS IntelliCAD® PE edition includes Raster Image insertion and advanced control . Drawing ExplorerTM, layers, blocks, lines, truetype font & truecolor support , Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA 7.1) & .Net 4.5

CMS IntelliCAD® PE Plus edition fully supports Spatial® ACIS solids modeling. Autodesk .dwg 3D solid modeling is compatible with ACIS file format. This means that 3D drawings created with CMS IntelliCAD® or AutoCAD®. CMS IntelliCAD® includes a non-history based, non-parametric-associative and non-direct modeling solids modeler. By being so, it's extremely fast to handle thousands of 3D individual solids entities with CMS IntelliCAD® resulting on a amazing graphics performance experience while handling large 3D files.
Interchange CAD data is a requirement and a reality between collaborative corporations. CMS IntelliCAD® PE Plus is able to import, edit, and export any existing .sat file files up to version 23 allowing 3D entities data interchangeability with other 3D CAD packages like SolidWorks®, Inventor, Alibre® or SolidEdge®.

CAD Software for Students | CMS IntelliCAD Education Community !
CMS gives students, teachers, and educational institutions access to CMS IntelliCAD CAD software. Students and Teachers — Account based Educational Perpetual licenses and  cloud-based option enables you to use our CAD Software anytime, anywhere with a team, as part of a class or on your own.
(*) Educational license can be used for educational purpose ONLY. Business or For-Profit use is not authorized. Students or teachers are required to register using their personal & official email address at the educational institute.
Download Link will be provided to registered user's . Shared on Email id only .

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